Ukraine is one of the leading world countries as to the number of patent applications.

Each year State Enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property” (Ukrpatent) receives more than 4 thousand new applications on patents for invention, 9 thousand applications on patents for utility model, and 3 thousand applications on designs registration.

Ukraine is placed among Top-5 countries on the number of applications on patents for utility models in the world.

Almost half of the new patent applications for invention are filed by foreign applicants. The most active are companies and private persons form the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, UK, and France.

For foreign applicants representation of Ukrainian patent attorney is obligatory for actions and communications with Ukraine patent office.

Still, almost a third of applications do not reach the stage of registration and issuing patent certificate – Ukrpatent issues refusal or applicant withdraws documents.

An invention shall bear the following requirements in Ukraine:

– novelty;

– inventive step;

– industrial applicability (utility).

For utility model novelty and industrial applicability only are mandatory.

It means, that patent application will receive a refusal in case of an existing patent describing similar inventions or devices.

Ukraine is a member-state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and offers the mechanism of unified submitting foreign patent applications into the national phase.

Totally, Ukraine patent database contains information about more than 126 thousand patents for invention, 143 thousand patents for utility models, and 42 thousand designs.

Ukraine patent database is open and gives a possibility in self-maintained searches by patent professionals.

All patent documentation in Ukraine patent office database is in Ukrainian and in English could be titles and abstracts only.

Patent searches in Ukraine are accessible via special search system, which could be found here

Ukraine patent search

Or here

Ukratent search

Databases contain information on patents registered according to the national procedure and to PCT procedure, as well as applications, which have passed formal examination stage (lasts 2-4 months after the submission of the application).

Official patent searches

Ukrpatent provides the option to request official patent searches in Ukrainian databases by Ukrpatent’s experts.

Ukrainian Patent Office is a member of the WIPO CASE (Centralized Access to Search and Examination) and provides high-quality search and examination reports.

Official fees for conducting of patent searches in databases of the Ukrpatent:

Name of service Fee, UAH
Patent search (inventions / utility models) per 1 claim

– 5 business days

– 15 business days





Informational search on

international open databases

Comparative analysis of the invention/utility model 4320

Crane IP Law Firm provides a full range of legal services for patent searches and registration in Ukraine: searches, entering the PCT application into the national phase, renewal, drafting and registration of assignment and license agreements, monitoring of competitors and infringers activities, Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights in Ukraine, etc.

Search results provided by our firm contain all submitted applications and registered patents that are similar or identical to Client’s claims. The analysis includes also any relevant issues and recommendations for a smooth registration procedure.

If you have any additional questions as to patenting in Ukraine, please contact us