Intellectual property is a complex of various objects and relationships between companies and their owners.To single out one object or element among all this diversity and not pay attention to others is the right way to problems in business. Trademarks, patents, trade secrets protection, monitoring the competitors’ activities, contractual relationships with partners and distributors, regular audit of intellectual property – all this should be in the focus of a modern enterprise.Intellectual property management should be carried out in conjunction with common business objectives and a development strategy, using the complete tools that provide national and international legislation in the field of intellectual property rights protection.

In order to provide comprehensive services in the field of intellectual property, Crane IP Law Firm has developed package offers for companies in various industries.

Brand reputation protection
  • TMs analysis before entering the market
  • Patent searches in national and foreign databases
  • Consultation on launch of advertising
  • Registration of IP objects under national and international procedures
  • Application submission/renewal of patents, incl. entry into national phase
  • Monitoring of manufacturers imitating TM/packaging of goods
  • Monitoring competitors’ activities: product line, registration of trademarks, patents, company names, etc.
  • Preparation of analytical reports on competitors’ actions and intentions
  • Recognition of trademark as well known

  • Cancellation of registrations of TM of infringers/competitors
  • Patents cancellation
  • Patent disputes monitoring
  • Copyright disputes
  • Applying complaints to the Antimonopoly Committee

Customs procedures
  • Monitoring of sales points/websites
  • Interaction with law enforcement agencies to identify and seize counterfeit products
  • Identification of illegal goods manufacturers
  • Initiation of court proceedings with a view to terminating manufacturing/sale of counterfeit products

IP Law consulting
  • Complex subscription service
  • Development and implementation of integrated intellectual property rights protection strategies
  • Audit of company documentation
  • Audit of IP objects
  • Drafting license/assignments agreements and further registration
  • Translations of any documentation, incl. patent

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