Tax practice is considered one of the most difficult, especially in countries such as Ukraine. Despite the fact that there are only seven taxes at the national level (plus a simplified taxation system), at the same time, the Tax Code exceeds 600 pages and changes are made almost every quarter. There is a separate Customs Code, with a volume of almost 300 pages, as well as separate decrees of the Ministry of Finance, orders and letters from the Fiscal and Customs Service.

All this, as well as the possibilities of abuse of authority still remaining in the legislation, lead to thousands of disputes and litigations between business and tax authorities annually.

Any inaccuracy in the paperwork for submission to the fiscal or customs service may result in discrepancies in the amount of taxes/fees paid in the millions. At the same time, a dispute with state bodies for the most seemingly insignificant amount may lead to the transfer of the case to the prosecutor’s office and blocking the financial operations of the entire business.

Crane IP Law Firm lawyers offer services to resident and non-resident companies in advising on tax laws and accompanying possible disputes with government bodies: 

– Advising on tax matters.

– Features of the application of tax legislation in transactions with intellectual property rights objects.

– Analysis of tax legislation considering regional and industrial features.

– Tax planning of international companies operating in several jurisdictions.

– Subscription services for the enterprise and identification of potential threats at the reporting stage.

– Analysis of tax service claims and preparation of an answer to state authorities, development of tactics of conduct in a dispute.

– Engaging external independent auditors to verify and confirm tax reporting.

– Full communication with the tax and customs services on behalf of the client and upholding his interests at all levels of the department.

– Support of tax audits at all stages: from receiving a request to receiving an audit certificate.

– Representation of client’s interests during counter checks by the tax service.

– Preparation of documents and their submission to the court regarding tax and customs disputes and support of the entire process.

– Appealing and canceling decisions on the seizure of property and accounts of the enterprise.

– Appeal against the amount of accrued taxes and customs duties.