From the very beginning of its existence, pharmaceutical is a field for researches and discoveries designed to improve the life of mankind.

Patenting and pharmacists have always gone hand-in-hand. Laurel of the legitimate discoverer receives one who has applied first a patent.

Still, almost always new discoveries are based on previous experience, and smart ideas often occur to several people at once. This has led to the fact that today patent wars between pharmaceutical companies are conducted constantly and around the globe.

At the same time, there are battles on the medical products names field. There are not so many ‘famous’ drug names that most people know. And there are thousands of manufacturers in the world.

To get ‘control’ over a trademark, to patent the packaging design is half the battle in the war on competitors.

And there is what to fight for – in 2017, the volume of the global pharmaceutical market reached US$1.2 trillion. Only 14 countries in the world have higher annual GDP.

Pharma companies demand such services in IP law sphere: