Trust is one of the main factors that guide the choice of a financial institution by customers.

Companies have been working for many years, or even centuries, for a positive image of their business. As a result, the good name and brand become the most valuable assets.

Naturally, other companies have a will to “borrow” the brand of a successful company for their own benefit. As a result, the legal owner of the brand not only loses part of the profits but can devalue its assets.

Crane IP recommends all-time working in intellectual property rights protection, in particular:

TM registration.

– Drafting and filing of responses and appeals to provisional refusals in TM registration.

Trademark certificates renewal.

– Recognition of trademarks as well-known.

– Preparation of a plan entering new markets with the aim of non-infringement / protection of own intellectual property rights. 

Drafting and sending letters of claim/responses to the third-party letters of claim.

– Settlement of disputes regarding IPR objects.

Company registration, assistance in obtaining licenses & permissions.

– Obtaining work/residence permits for foreign citizens.

– Assistance in drafting and conducting employment contracts.