The origin of a product from a particular region may be its main competitive advantage. Champagne, Parmesan, Roquefort, Tequila, Essentuki are well-known examples of geographical indications.

The name of the settlement, region, and historical province can be registered as geographical indications.

Thousands of companies all around the world are already using the indication of origin as a way of legally protecting their products and preventing other companies from using a famous brand. Countries also try to protect their producers by raising issues as to the geographical indications usage at the international level. The European Union countries are most active in this regard. Countries that want to cooperate closely with the EU are obliged to prohibit their national producers from using the words ‘champagne’, ‘brandy’, etc. on labels.

Understanding the specifics of registering geographical indications will assist in entering a new market without loss and defend the positions from competitors in home market.

Crane IP Law Firm’s expertise, among other things, consists of: 

– Providing consultation as to geographical indication protection.

– Searches in databases containing information on geographical indications (indications of origin of goods).

– Geographical indications registration.

– Renewal of geographical indication certificate.