Careful and detailed market research, as well as evaluation of legal conditions before starting official import products into a new market should be done.

Despite globalization and standardization of local legal procedures to international standards, there are still a lot of national and regional differences and features that should be taken into account during product compliance procedures before entering a new market.

Even famous companies from time to time facing difficulties already after decision enters into a new market has been taken: product name has an inappropriate meaning in local language, similar trademark or packaging design have been already registered by another person, product labels do not meet legal requirements, etc.

There can be different requirements for the same products in different countries. Excise goods and subject to licensing always needed to pay particular attention by producer or distributor.

Tobacco products, alcohol products, pharmaceutical products almost in each country required special information placed on the packaging. And governments constantly increasing the requirements, for instance, introducing special unique code on each package.

Guidance in regulatory affairs before starting operating on a new market and comprehensive legal support be Crane IP Law Firm:

– Pre-Import consultation.

– Product registration.

– Obtaining barcodes.

– Product labels and packaging compliance.

– Assistance in test imports.

– Obtaining certificates of conformity, assistance in obtaining licenses & permissions.

– Entering/extending IP objects into Customs Registry.

– Due Diligence of investment projects.

– Analysis of the regulatory framework of each sector of the economy.

– Risk analysis and prevention of corporate raiding – audit of all contracts and business documentation, protection system development in case of an attack by evil-doers.

– Dispute resolution between client and competitors/contractors/governmental bodies in pre-judicial dispute settlement and in trial.