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• Preliminary searches • Trademark registration • Responses to Office action • Recognition of trademarks as well-known

Utility models and Inventions

• Patent searching • Filing application for patent • Entering the PCT application into the national phase

Industrial designs

• Patent searches • Filing application • Patent maintenance


• Copyright registration • Copyright protection • Full service intellectual property representation

Intellectual property rights protection

• Pre-trial settlement of disputes • Letters of claim • Litigation • Representing in cases of unfair competition

Product compliance

• Compliance of Product Labels and Packaging • Pre-Import consultation • Obtaining certificates of conformity • Obtaining licenses & permissions

Latest news

LEGO has blocked the import of toys into Ukraine that may violate its rights

The Danish LEGO Group filed a lawsuit against the Ukrainian LLC “Company Genesis” regarding the attempt to import Chinese-made toys…

The Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service has been extended to the third-level domain names of the .UA zone

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service is now accessible for both top-level domain names (.UA) as…

Validation of European patents became available in Georgia

Starting from January 15, 2024, it became possible to validate European patent applications and European patents issued by the European…