Crane IP is an active member of a number of business associations, representing the interests of entrepreneurs in communication with government bodies. Specialists of our firm act as consultants to government on a number of legislative initiatives, also helping to get feedback from businesses on possible changes in the legal regulation of their work.

Many years of experience working with representatives of state bodies of Ukraine, allows our client, strictly within the legal framework, to more effectively conduct their activities and take into account their interests in the formation and implementation of state policy.

We do not tolerate corruption and never use the methods of “financial rewards for officials” – this not only contradicts our values, but also does not bring long-term business benefits. Officials are constantly changing, but not legislative acts agreed at all levels.

Following the path of public advocacy and GR, the business successfully cooperates with the state strictly within the framework of the legislative field, receiving long-term benefits, and getting the opportunity to implement public-private partnership projects. This increases the reputation of the entrepreneur in the business community, in Ukraine and abroad.

The requests that businessmen contact us and the solutions that Crane IP Law Firm offers and implements are:

– Representation of client’s interests in government bodies of Ukraine at all levels.

– Monitoring of legislative initiatives that may affect the activities of the enterprise, its industry.

– Formation and communication of the position of the enterprise/industry to the proposed legislative changes.

– Work on legislative initiatives in cooperation between business and government.

– Development and support of the launch of a public-private partnership project.

– Public advocacy of initiatives and draft legislative acts.

– Preparation of documentation and support for participation in privatization tenders.

– Building communications with government and state agencies.

– Resolving issues related to the start of the company’s work in a new region of the country, obtaining permits and licenses.

– Analysis of the regulatory framework of each sector of the economy, including the political component.

– Conducting internal GR-consulting of the enterprise, in order to improve business processes of interaction with government bodies.