A large number of legal disputes are a sign of an advanced society. Individuals and businesses are constantly competing and defending their rights using legislation.

The winner is the one who knows how to use the law better in his own interests. Whatever good or cheap products a company produces, it will not be able to sell them without using TM, packaging and other distinctive signs.

Products with high added value cannot be produced without using technology or new developments. Any good idea, product or technology may be used by your competitors. Also, they can try to prevent you from using TM, corporate colors, technology, since they can be registered or patented by others.

Incompetent legal support can lead to large financial losses or even bankruptcy of a business.

Crane IP Law Firm provides the highest quality services: 

– Pre-trial settlement of disputes regarding intellectual property rights objects.

– Drafting and sending letters of claim/responses to the third-party letters of claim.

– Initiate of IP infringement proceedings.

– Entering data into Customs Register of IP objects.

– Representing in intellectual property rights disputes.

– Consultation and development of strategies on using legislation on protection against unfair competition in various jurisdictions.

– Full-service intellectual property representation.