Probably, if in ancient times there was an opportunity to patent their inventions, world history would have taken a completely different path. A wheel, a bow and arrows, gunpowder, a compass – became the heritage of mankind, but we do not know their inventors.

Invention should be patented. Otherwise, you won’t receive any award for your work and others will use it for free.

Only after a patent is granted, an inventor becomes the owner of exclusive rights to the invention: the right, at its discretion, to allow or prohibit other persons to use the invention.

The key difference between the invention and the utility model is the patentability criterion. Novelty, industrial applicability, and inventive step should be characteristic of the invention. Whereas for the utility model only novelty and industrial applicability will be sufficient.

The scope of legal protection provided by a patent is determined by its formula. The more points and the more precisely they are described, the more opportunities to protect their invention the patent owner receives.

Our specialists provide such services:

– Patent searching in national and international databases

– Filing application for patent under national procedure

– Filing PCT application

– Entering the PCT application into the national phase

– Drafting assignment agreements and following registration rights

– Drafting license agreements and following registration rights

– Patent maintenance

– Plant varieties registration

– Entering intellectual property objects into Customs Register

– Preparation of a plan entering new markets with the aim of non-infringement / protection of own intellectual property rights