Customs clearance issues can be a real headache and even cause large financial losses. The final cost of this product, market demand or even the suitability of the product for sale, depends on the speed of customs clearance of goods, especially if we are talking about seasonal or perishable goods.

For trouble-free passage of customs control, a number of rules and procedures must be followed – all the necessary documentation for the goods is prepared, certification is passed, the appropriate marking is applied, the codes and cost of the goods are determined, the check is made whether the goods have import restrictions in terms of protecting intellectual property rights and etc.

If these procedures are not followed, the timeframe for processing goods at the border can be seriously delayed, the company may be fined, or the goods may even be arrested.

Particularly noteworthy are the features of the regime of exhaustion of rights to intellectual property and the Customs Register of such objects in each country. Legal procedures can be used to your advantage, freely importing goods into the territory of the state, or blocking access to the market for unauthorized distributors.

Our Firm has all the necessary permits for customs brokerage in Ukraine and reliable partners in other jurisdictions.

Crane IP Law Firm specialists have extensive experience in protecting the interests of clients when passing customs control for various types of products – from food products to excisable products and products requiring mandatory certification: 

– Analysis of the legislation of the country regarding the possibility of importing certain products into the territory.

– Monitoring prohibitive trade barriers to products.

– Applying and obtaining permits for export/import of goods.

– Obtaining certificates of conformity.

– Obtaining conclusions from law enforcement agencies when moving special and dual-use goods across the border.

– Identifying of HS codes/commodity codes of goods.

– Determination of the customs value of products.

– Calculation of customs payments and other taxes payable upon import/export of products.

– Settlement of disputes with customs authorities regarding customs value and other issues.

– Entering intellectual property rights objects into Customs Register.

– Monitoring the possibility of import blocking by official distributors/IP rights holders.

– Blocking imports for infringers of intellectual property rights.

– Assistance with logistics partners for cargo transportation.