If you take a look at the list of the most expensive companies in the world, almost all of them have their main asset intellectual property, but not the access to land or fossil resources.

Technological progress is gradually making material resources less and less valuable, and, conversely, increasing the importance of intangible assets of a business.

Nowadays, there are already implementing technologies for growing agricultural products without the use of land, and the development of the alternative energy industry reducing the dependence of the economy on oil.

At the same time, manufacturers are investing billions in the promotion of their brands, and approximately the same products with different brands on them may differ in price at times. And if you patent your invention properly, you can even become a legitimate monopolist in the market.

The positions of the Chief Innovation Officer and the Intellectual Property Manager have become familiar with many companies — managing hundreds and thousands of intellectual property rights objects requires appropriate specialists in this field.

The clause “legal support” must be present in the business plan and business development strategy.

Protecting intellectual property is a long-term strategy that requires planning for years to come.

The legislation provides businesses and individuals with a large arsenal of protecting intellectual property – from various types of trademarks (not only familiar verbal and design signs, but also three-dimensional, sound, olfactory) to patents and the use of the trade secret mechanism.

And in many countries, there is already a special tax regime for companies that receive income from intellectual property objects (“Intellectual Property Box”, or “Knowledge Development Box”).

Proper use of all the tools will not only protect and monetize your brand, but also protect your position from competitors.

Crane IP Law Firm specialists will provide a full range of services for the effective management of intellectual property rights objects:

– Providing advice on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

– Development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for the protection of intellectual property rights.

– Intellectual property rights object audit.

– Compilation and management of the IP portfolio – identify and prioritize valuable objects, actions for the protection and increase of their value.

– Drafting and registration of intellectual property rights.

– Development and implementation of policies of continuous creating new intellectual property objects at the enterprise.

– Monitoring the activities of competitors: product line, TM registrations, patenting, brand names, etc.

– Preparation of analytical reports on the actions and intentions of competitors.

– Preparation of a plan for entering new markets with the aim of non-violation / protection of intellectual property rights. 

– Drafting and registration of agreements on the transfer of rights/license agreements.

– Handling with infringers in pre-trial and court proceedings.

– Identification and fight against counterfeit products.