Helping foreign businesses discover new markets is the mission of our law firm. We close all basic legal issues for enterprises so that management thinks about the creation and implementation of products or services, rather than bureaucratic issues in the country.

Our lawyers will help establish a new company or representative office, restructure an existing one, or acquire a share in the capital of a local company.

When choosing a company registration form, statutory documents, and corporate contracts, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each business, industry and business partners in Ukraine.

We will also conduct a full audit of the structure of the company, its contractual relations with suppliers and distributors, registration of property rights, etc. Indeed, violations or deficiencies at any stage can lead to claims from the regulatory authorities, or to unfair and hostile actions from competitors or even former business partners.

Specialists of Crane IP Law Firm are ready to take on the full range of work to support the activities of the company, mergers and acquisitions:

– Establishing a new business, choosing the best form for registration in terms of protecting corporate rights and taxation.

– Obtaining necessary licenses and permits for business activities.

– Conclusion and performance of contracts.

– Drafting and conducting of employment contracts.

– Obtaining a work permit/residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners.

– Restructuring an existing business.

– Support of mergers and acquisitions, obtaining permissions by the Antimonopoly Committee.

– Drafting of the charter, internal regulatory and corporate documents, agreements between founders/shareholders.

– Legal audit of existing documentation.

– Settlement of corporate disputes, protection of interests in corporate disputes.

– Creation of policies for the protection of trade secrets of the enterprise, the protection of personal data.

– Legal support for audit in the enterprise.

– Legal compliance monitoring.

– Compilation and management of the IP portfolio – identify and prioritize valuable objects, actions for the protection and increase of their value.

– Intellectual property rights object audit.

– Applying and obtaining of permits for export/import of goods.

– Assistance in initiating and supporting public-private partnership projects.