Trademark is one of the elements of a business whose legal protection should be taken care of among the first.

The value of a brand and trademarks owned by leading companies significantly exceeds the value of their equipment, buildings, etc.

Late or incorrect registration, non-renewal of registration of a trademark can lead to great losses or even bankruptcy of the company.

Even before our era, artisans began to mark their goods with distinctive signs, so that merchants and consumers in other parts of the world are confident in the quality of their products.

TM is any designation or combination of designations that make it possible to distinguish the company’s products and services from similar products from other manufacturers.

Trademark can be verbal, pictorial, volumetric, combined, sound, three-dimensional, etc.

Company name, logo, slogan, name, combination of numbers and letters, graphic element, picture, label, package, color combination, soundtrack, etc. can be registered as a trademark.

Among the services provided by Crane IP Law Firm are:

– Preliminary searches and comprehensive study.

– Trademark registration.

– Drafting and filing of responses and appeals to provisional refusals in TM registration.

– Drafting and filing oppositions against TM registration.

– Drafting assignment agreements and following registration.

– Drafting license agreements and following registration.

– Drafting and registration of TM coexistence agreements (letters of consent).

– Trademark certificates renewal.

– TM registration under the Madrid System.

– Recognition of trademarks as well-known.