The issues of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Fashion industry are very acute and a lot depends on the correct work in a “designer-lawyer” bunch:

– What can be protected as a designer’s intellectual property?

– How to ensure effective protection of the results of a designer’s work?

– What to do with infringers?

– Where to start when entering foreign markets?

– Is it possible to fight сounterfeit?

– How to franchise the business?

Manufacturers of clothes, shoes, and accessories are constantly updating their product line to meet market trends and consumer needs.

This necessitates continuous monitoring of the company’s intellectual property for its protection and registration, as well as monitoring the activities of competitors and evil-doers.

Eventually, the manufacturer’s brand becomes the main component of the value of the company and its products. And this inevitably entails the emergence of imitators who want to “parasitize” on your brand, imitating the brand, and appearance. And counterfeit products discredits the original brand.

Crane IP offers designers and fashion brands legal support for their activities: