What is industrial design?

An industrial design – is a result of the creative activity of a person is the sphere of artistic design. Industrial design shall be new, i.e. consist of the original design decision.

The industrial design cannot contradict public order and principals of humanity and morality.

Objects of architecture (not including small architecture forms); industrial buildings, waterworks, other stationary structures, printed products as such, unstable objects of liquid, gaseous, bulk or similar substances cannot be registered as industrial design.

Patent searches in Ukraine

Data required for the application

1. Applicant’s information:

a) Name, surname and the address for an individual,

b) Legal name and legal address for a legal entity.

2. If the author and the applier are is the same person, name, surname, address of the author);

3. Power of Attorney (signed and sealed), if the applicant is a non-resident of Ukraine;

4. Description of the industrial design and explanatory materials to it;

5. Schemes, maps etc., if necessary.


The examination is conducted within 6 months. The Office only checks the formal requirements of the application. Upon the successful result of the examination, official fees shall be paid to confirm the registration.

Term of protection

10 years and it can be renewed for an additional official fee but no longer than for 5 years.

Official fees

The application fee is paid within 2 months after the submission of the application.

Fee for issuance of the patent is paid within 3 months.

The annual fee is required to maintain a patent in force.