From May 1, 2023, the size of the basic calculation value used to calculate the number of state fees will increase in Uzbekistan, including for actions with objects of intellectual property.

The size of the basic estimated value increases by 10% (from 300,000 to 330,000 Uzbekistani sum). Accordingly, all fees for filing applications, registration, and other actions with trademarks, patents, and industrial designs in Uzbekistan will increase by the same amount.

In particular, at the current exchange rate of the Uzbekistani sum, the state fee for applying for TM in one class will be about $700, and $235 for each additional class.

The fee for filing an application for a patent for an invention, a utility model, or an industrial design will be about $500, and $1,500 ($1.200 if an international search report is provided) for an examination of a patent for an invention or an industrial design, and $1,000 for a utility model.

The cost of extending the term of a TM certificate for an additional 10 years will be about $700, a patent for a utility model and an industrial design for the next term – from $500, for a patent for an invention – from $100.