The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On the introduction of a system of mandatory digital labeling of certain types of goods”, which approved the list of products subject to mandatory digital labeling by means of identification for the period 2021-22.

From January 1, 2021, mandatory labeling is introduced for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages (except beer), and from April 1 – for beer products. In addition, starting from March 1, 2021, the import of these products without digital labeling into the territory of Uzbekistan will be prohibited.

In addition, within six months, a pilot project will be underway to introduce mandatory labeling of certain medicines and medical products, water, soft drinks, and household appliances. The start date for mandatory labeling of these types of goods will be set by the government based on the results of the project.

Manufacturers and importers will be responsible for product labeling. Retailers and wholesalers will be required to enter labeling data into the national labeling and product tracking information system Asl belgisi, which will be launched from December 1, 2020.

Also, it is planned to introduce special software and mobile applications to monitor the legality of the production and sale of labeled goods in real-time by authorized bodies.