From March 1, 2021, the import of unmarked alcoholic (except beer) and tobacco products into the territory of Uzbekistan is prohibited.

Such norms were previously approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the introduction of a system of mandatory digital marking of certain types of goods”.

Earlier, there was a pilot project for the introduction of labeling of tobacco and alcoholic products, within the framework of which the production of labeled packs of cigarettes was ensured, as well as a mechanism for tracking labeled tobacco products was launched by equipping cigarette factories with special server equipment and integrating it into automated enterprise management systems; the release of test marked labels for alcoholic beverages was carried out, a data processing center was deployed, and components of an information marking system were installed.

The National Information System for Monitoring Product Marking and Traceability “Asl belgisi” was also launched.

According to the plan, among goods subject to mandatory digital marking by means of identification in 2021–2022 there will also be beer products (from April 1, 2021), medicines and medical products, water and soft drinks, household appliances (the exact date has not yet been determined).

Digital marking of tobacco products has become mandatory in Russia since July 1, 2020.