On May 6, 2021, the Svyatoshinsky District Court of Kyiv passed a verdict against a resident of Ukraine who distributed pirated copies of films from the American studio Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

It was established that in the period from 10/09/2019 to 11/04/2019, the offender posted and demonstrated Doctor Sleep films (Doctor Sleep (2019) and Joker (Joker (2019)) on a website created by him, earning money by displaying ads on the site.

As a result, Warner Bros., whose representative in Ukraine is the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association for Music, Audiovisual Works and Computer Programs Protection, losses in the amount of UAH 107.7 thousand ($4 thousand) were inflicted.

In March 2021, an agreement was concluded between the accused and the prosecutor, by which the violator pleaded guilty and settled the losses of the film studio.

The court passed a verdict, which, on the basis of the concluded agreement, the offender was sentenced to a year of imprisonment with a probation period, and additional compensation for examination costs in the amount of UAH 45 thousand ($1.7 thousand).