The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine recognized the actions of METR-PLUS LLC as a violation of the legislation on protection against unfair competition.

The committee considered the case on the basis of the application of the companies “LEGO JURIS A/S”, “LEGO A/S” and “LEGO UKRAINE” LLC, which are part of the LEGO group of companies, which is a world-famous manufacturer and seller of toy constructors.

The committee established that the company unlawfully used the designation of toy cars in the design of the packaging of the constructors “CONSTRUCTION BUREAU”, “LIMO TOY” and “TurboCARS”, which are similar to these designations in the design of the packaging of the constructors “LEGO” (series “SPEED CHAMPIONS” and “TECHNIC”).

In the opinion of the Committee, illegal use of the marks could lead to confusion with the activities of the LEGO Group of companies and give METR-PLUS LLC unfair advantages in competition due to the use of the business reputation of the world-famous constructor manufacturer.

METR-PLUS LLC stopped the illegal use of such marks during the case review. Also, METR-PLUS was fined 1.2 million hryvnias (USD 30 thousand)