ADS-Decor LLC was forced to change its name to TD Decor Pro LLC, stop using the designation “ADS” in the domain name of the site https://ads-decor.com/ and the email address adskiev@ukr.net and pay a fine in the amount of UAH 68 thousand ($2.5 thousand) for violations of the legislation on protection against unfair competition.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine found that ADS-Decor LLC and ADS Group Ukraine LLC are competitors in the market for the production and sale of sliding, swing, folding doors, interior partitions, and facade systems using aluminum profiles and accessories.

At the same time, ADS Group Ukraine began to use the designations ADS and ADS in its economic activities, and their use by a competitor could lead to confusion with the activities of this company.

The AMCU recognized the actions of ADS-Decor as a violation of the law “On protection against unfair competition”, in the form of illegal use of the corresponding designations.

When making a decision, the Committee took into account the information received during the consideration of the case that the defendant had rebranding, changed the name, and did not yet use the designations “ADS DECOR”, “ADS”, “ADS”, “Aluminum Decor System” and other designations similar to them on the Internet and in business.