On March 21, 2024, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine adopted an order approving the procedure for forming and maintaining a national list of websites that cause concern regarding the observance of intellectual property rights.

Through the collaboration between the Ministry of Economy and WIPO via the WIPO Alert data exchange platform, participating countries can share information regarding potential infringements of intellectual property rights on a global level. Henceforth, subjects of copyright and/or related rights have the opportunity to apply to the Intellectual Property Office to have a website, which raises concerns regarding the adherence to intellectual property rights, added to the national registry of such websites.

Yulia Svyrydenko, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economy emphasized that despite the challenges of a full-scale war, Ukraine is making maximum efforts to protect copyright and related rights on the Internet for Ukrainian and foreign subjects of intellectual property rights.

Ukraine has become one of the first countries in the world to comprehensively introduce a corresponding mechanism based on a secure online platform, becoming the fifteenth country to join the WIPO initiative.