March 31, 2020, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the law On Amending Certain Legislative Acts Concerning the Turnover of Agricultural Land.

If earlier the opening of the land market in Ukraine was planned from October 1, 2020, in the final version it was postponed to July 1, 2021.

Also, for the second reading, the norms on land concentration and the participation of foreigners were tightened:

– until January 1, 2024, only individuals-citizens of Ukraine will be able to acquire land, but no more than 100 hectares per person;

– after 2023, the concentration limit increases to 10 thousand ha. and land will be allowed to purchase by legal entities residents of Ukraine;

– the sale of agricultural land of state and communal property is prohibited;

– foreigners will be able to obtain the right to acquire land only after a referendum. Even after the market is opened for foreigners, they will be prohibited from buying land in the 50-km zone from the state border of Ukraine;

– purchase of land exclusively via bank transfer with verification of the origin of funds;

– tenants receive the preemptive right to purchase land;

– banks can obtain rights to agricultural land only as part of the collection of collateral with mandatory sale at auction within two years;

– the purchase of land is prohibited for legal entities to which the citizens of the aggressor state are parties, and to individuals for whom sanctions have been applied.