From May 1, 2020, new excise paper stamps will be put into circulation in Ukraine – a QR code and a bar code will be added to them.

Excise Ukraine

The State Tax Service must ensure the manufacture and sale of excise tax stamps of a new sample from April 25, and also stop selling the excise stamps of the previous sample from May 1. New excise stamps will be available for order through the Electronic Taxpayer Account from April 1.

The tax service should also ensure the return of stamps of the previous sample for their further destruction.

Also, there will be a transition to ordering, payment and reporting on excise stamps exclusively through the Electronic Taxpayer Account.

An electronic excise stamp will make it possible to track the movement of alcoholic beverages by comparing information from the tax service database on issued excise stamps and operations for selling products in retail.

In the future, the mechanism for tracking the path of excised products will appear for the retail customer, through the development of special applications. Also, the API will be open to public access, which will allow external developers to create their own software for scanning and checking excise stamps.

The purpose of innovation is the fight against counterfeiting and minimizing the impact of the human factor on the administration of excise taxes.

According to the Ministry of Finance, in 2019 alcoholic beverages worth UAH 154.8 million (approximately USD 6.5 mln) were seized from illegal traffic in Ukraine.