Each month the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property” (Ukrpatent) receives approximately 3 thousand trademark applications. Registration is obtained only by half of them.

In total, there are more than 200 thousand active trademarks certificate issued by the Ukrpatent.

Word, device, and combined signs can be registered in Ukraine.

Multiple classes trademark registration is allowed.

Like in other countries, Ukrainian Patent Office will issue refusal for applied signs, which is identical or confusingly similar to the filed trademark applications or registered trademarks in respect of similar goods and services under the national or Madrid systems as well as similar signs to the trademarks recognized as well-known.

Properly conducted preliminary searches will help to avoid most problems.

There are two options to conduct trademark search in Ukraine: do preliminary online trademark search on database of the Ukrpatent or order official search in national and international databases.

Preliminary online trademark search in Ukraine

Special informational system of Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute (Ukrpatent) provides possibility of free online searches in the database of intellectual property rights objects.

Ukraine trademark database is accessible via the link https://sis.ukrpatent.org/

ukraine trademark database

Database contains information on registered trademarks in Ukraine according to the national procedure as well as on filed trademarks applications that have passed a formal examination.

It means, that just submitted applications, as well as registered trademarks under the international procedure, will be not shown in the search results.

Nowadays, the term between submitting and passing formal examination lasts approximately 6 months due to overloading of the Ukrpatent experts. It means, that the online database does not contain thousands of trademark applications.

Despite interface of the online database is available on English, all information in the register is published in Ukrainian: name and address of the holder/applicant and description of goods and services will be displayed only in Ukrainian.

It should be noted, that the sign can obtain the registration either written in Latin or Cyrillic alphabet. The proper search must be conducted taking this into account.

Official Trademark search in Ukraine

To avoid missing information on submitted applications in trademark search, we recommend to conduct the official search.

Official fees for conducting of trademark searches in databases of the Ukrpatent*

Name of service Term of the search – 7 business days, USD Term of the search – 3 business days, USD
Preliminary search for word/device sign, per class

– each additional Class





Preliminary search for combined sign, per class

– each additional Class





*Rates are set in Ukrainian hryvnia and amount in USD depends on current exchange rate

Crane IP Law Firm provides full range of legal services for trademark registration in Ukraine: searches, registration, renewal, drafting and registration of assignment and license agreements, monitoring of competitors and infringers activities, Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights in Ukraine, etc.

Search results provided by our firm contain all submitted applications and registered trademarks that are similar or identical to Client’s trademark. The analysis includes also any relevant issues and recommendations for a smooth registration procedure.

If you have any additional questions as to Trademark registration procedure in Ukraine, please contact us info@craneip.com