Back in 2020, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine decided that Children’s Television of Ukraine LLC violated the legislation on the protection of economic competition by using too similar designations of another TV channel with the same target audience – Nickelodeon.

The case was initiated at the request of Viacom International Inc. (USA), which has been producing and distributing TV programs and other entertainment content in Ukraine since 1998. The applicant uses the designations “NICK”, “NICK JR”, and “NICKELODEON” on its own TV channels intended for children and their families. The statement stated that since September 2017, another market participant, “Children’s Television of Ukraine”, has been using similar designations: “NIKI kids” and “NIKI junior” in its activities without permission.

Children’s Television of Ukraine LLC was fined UAH 80,000 and ordered to stop violations and not to use the designations “NIKI kids” and “NIKI junior”.

“Children’s Television of Ukraine” LLC tried to appeal the decision in the courts but was unsuccessful.

The Ukrainian company did not comply with the requirements and continued to use the disputed designations, and the Antimonopoly Committee in January 2023 opened a case for non-compliance with its decision.