Starting January 1, 2020, the duty-free import rate for personal goods shipped in international parcel mail services and delivered by express carriers in Russia is reduced to 200 euros and 31 kg.

Previously, the limit was 500 euros and 31 kg.

From 2020, when ordering goods abroad worth more than the established norm regarding the exceeding part, it will be necessary to pay a fee of 15% of the cost, but not less than 2 euros per 1 kg. The duty is calculated separately for each parcel, regardless of their quantity for one recipient.

For example, if the parcel cost is 300 euros and the weight is not higher than 31 kg, then the fee will need to be paid from 100 euros – 15 euros. If the parcel weight, for example, is 35 kg, then the duty will be 8 euros.