At the end of February, almost 14 tons or more than 37 thousand bottles of alcohol worth about 4 million hryvnias (approximately $163 thousand) were destroyed at a specialized enterprise in the Lviv region.

This is the largest in the history of Ukraine public destruction of confiscated counterfeit alcohol.

Products were confiscated in case of illegally manufactured alcohol, which does not meet the requirements of state standards, with fake excise stamps. In particular, these are the brands of vodka ‘Glass of Gold’, ‘Glass of Silver’, ‘Golden Wheat’, ‘Forest Song’, ‘Grand Duchess Olga’, ‘Grand Duchess Monomakh”, ‘Blue Horse’, ‘Budmo’, ‘Fun’, ‘Home Capital’, ‘Maximum’, which was stored in the warehouse of a commercial company for the purpose of selling.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution on improving the procedure for the disposal of excisable goods (alcoholic beverages, tobacco products), which became the property of the state, including through their confiscation.