The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine fined TAYROVO WINERY LLC for improper use of the “PROSECCO” designation and VYNAL LLC for spreading misleading information about the origin of Ukrainian cognacs under the “ADJARI” designation.

The Committee started a case against TAYROVO WINERY following an appeal to the Consortium for the Protection of the Designation Controlled by Origin “PROSECCO”, whose members export wine products under this designation to the territory of Ukraine.

TAYROVO WINERY began to use the PROSECCO designation in the labeling of its wine products later than the Consortium participants and without obtaining their permission.

Such actions could lead to the mixing of the activities of TAIROVO WINERY with the activities of the Consortium participants and provide unfair advantages in competition due to the use of the business reputation of such participants.

The case against VYNAL was initiated at the request of the Georgian companies JSC “Saradzhishvili” and JSC “Telavskyi Vinnii Lyoh”, which produce original Georgian wines and cognacs and sell such products in Ukraine.

VYNAL disseminated information about Ukrainian wine production “ADJARI” through third parties. In particular, videos voiced in Ukrainian under the conditional name “Adjari” were distributed on television and the Internet. The use of the name of the Georgian region Adjari could cause associations among consumers that such products were made in Georgia.

TAYROVO WINERY was fined 947,000 UAH ($25 thousand) and VYNAL was fined 10 million UAH ($263 thousand).