The first Ukrainian certificate of registration of the right to use a registered indication of the origin of goods that meets European registration requirements and is eligible for EU recognition received by the Hutsul sheep’s cheese (sheep’s bryndzia).

The application for registration was filed by the Association of producers of traditional Carpathian highland cheeses.

Thus, the right to use the name Hutsul sheep’s cheese will be obtained only by producers whose products meet the technical conditions – the sheep should graze on the territory not lower than 700 m above sea level, eat only certain foods, and raw milk should be collected, fermented, prepared boodz, and cheese ripened according to traditional technology.

According to the association, today 12 manufacturers are ready to use the brand Hutsul sheep’s cheese.

The law on improving the legal protection of geographical indications, which implements relevant European standards into Ukrainian legislation, was adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on September 20, 2019.