The Economic Court of Kyiv partially satisfied the petition of the Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank of Russia for its own decision from 2017 and allowed to postpone the renaming of the bank until August 2022.

The court decided that the bank needs to take a number of measures to inform customers, counterparties, partners about the change in the name of the bank in general in all areas of activity, to manufacture and replace information boards, advertising products, to amend concluded contracts, Internet resources, and services used in work of the bank, withdraw and exchange payment instruments and documents that are at the disposal of customers, etc.

So, as of August 1, 2021, the bank had 89 branches in Ukraine, more than 317 thousand individuals, and almost 35 thousand legal entities were clients, and more than 179 thousand payment cards were issued.

The granting of an adjournment will facilitate the applicant’s proper fulfillment of its obligations, the ability to plan and implement the appropriate measures, and, therefore, properly comply with the merits of the court decision.

In August 2021, a long-term dispute between the state-owned Ukrainian bank Oschadbank and the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Russian bank Sberbank of Russia ended – the Supreme Court of Ukraine banned the Russian bank from using the Sberbank trademark in Ukraine.

At the same time, Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine has already decided to change the name of its subsidiary Sberbank JSC to MR Bank JSC (International Reserve Bank JSC).