From October 1, 2022, Ukraine joined the Customs Conventions on Common Transit Procedure (new computerized transit system, NCTS).

Ukraine became the 36th member state of the NCTS, which is used by European countries to control joint transit.

From now on, Ukrainian customs officials will exchange data with customs offices of neighboring countries in real-time. And Ukrainian businesses will fill out a single electronic declaration, having the possibility of crossing the border of several countries with one declaration. European companies importing products to Ukraine will receive similar benefits.

Also, it is no longer necessary to deposit funds into the account of Ukrainian customs, as a guarantee that the goods will be delivered to the customs office of destination and taxes will be paid. All guarantee funds are deposited once by the seller of the goods, who issued the first declaration in the exporting country.

Germany became the first country from which cargo was sent for delivery to Ukraine under the joint transit procedure. Ukraine also released goods under the joint transit procedure for delivery to Germany.