Write a program does not mean automatically obtain rights to it.

Software rights protection legislation in most countries does not keep up with the development of technology. It takes several years to prepare and implement changes to laws, and when they are finally introduced, they already have time to become outdated.

How is it possible to protect your software rights in Ukraine and why is patenting in the USA a popular option among Ukrainian developers?

How to prepare for patenting and what does patent give to its owner?

We invite you to a seminar where we will provide answers to the most important issues and review the judicial practice.


Victoria Choch, patent attorney, Ph.D. in computer science, Crane IP Law Firm

Anastasia Efimenko, lawyer, Crane IP Law Firm

Irina Ridchenko, lawyer, Roberts Mlotkowski Safran Cole & Calderon (USA) (remotely)

Date: December 9

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: Khreshchatyk str., 10, iHUB

Pre-registration is obligatory.