Which European country to choose for business registration?

Is it real to register a company in the EU and legally receive a corporate tax rate of less than 10%? Yes, it is only necessary properly to register and manage intellectual property rights.

IP-Box (also known as the “Patent Box” and “Knowledge Development Box”) is a special tax regime for companies that earn revenue from the use of intellectual property rights objects (patents, software, trademarks, copyrights, etc.).

To date, 19 European countries have been offering reduced corporate tax rates for innovation companies. Attracting businesses not only with a solid jurisdiction but also with fair taxation – in some cases, CIT rate can be 0%.

More about the special tax regime IP-Box and the countries of Europe that offer it, will introduce the guests of the event by Anastasiia Efimenko, lawyer at Crane IP Law Firm.

Alexander Latyshenok, Managing Partner of Aligorex Group (Cyprus), will explain in detail the conditions of operation of such a program in Cyprus and examples of enterprises that have thus received all the benefits of EU resident company status and a corporate tax rate of 2.5%.

Date: December 13

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: iHub, Khreshchatyk str., 10

Participation is free in case of pre-registration.