On December 7, 2021, during a meeting at Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media), Internet companies and copyright holders signed a new version of the anti-piracy memorandum.

From now on, not only links to sites containing pirated content will be removed from the search results, but also domains of repeat violators.

The document on cooperation in the field of protection of exclusive rights in the era of digital technologies was signed on November 1, 2018. Then 12 IT companies agreed to remove from the search results links to pirate sites that violate the copyright of the creators of audiovisual content. The holder of the memorandum was Roskomnadzor, and the holder of the register of the black list of violating sites was Media-Communication Union.

Over the 3 years of the memorandum, over 31 million links have been removed from the search results.

The new version of the memorandum will apply not only to audiovisual content but also to other objects of intellectual property, with the exception of photographs.

Domains will be sanctioned after the application of the copyright holders and in case that the number of links with pirated content exceeds 100.

The amendments will enter into force simultaneously with the adoption of the law securing the provisions of the current memorandum and will be valid for 3 years.