The Commercial Court of Odesa Region sided with Puma SE in a dispute with Modern Trade Group LLC on the ban on the use of the German company’s trademark and the removal from civil circulation of 480 pairs of shoes that were imported into the territory of Ukraine without the permission of the rights holder.

As security for the claim, the court prohibited the customs clearance of the goods and seized consignment.

By its decision, the court forbade Modern Trade Group LLC to use Puma’s trademark, regardless of color, by applying such a designation to products, storing products with a designation, offering products with a designation for sale, sale, import, export, re-export such designation in advertising, business documentation, the Internet.

The court also upheld the plaintiff’s claim to seize 480 pairs of shoes from civil circulation and destroy them.

At the end of 2019, legislative changes were adopted in Ukraine to improve measures to identify counterfeit products at the border.