Translation of patent materials requires the special skills and abilities of a translator.

Patent translations differ from common or business translations by increased requirements for the accuracy of the translation and wording in the text.

The translator of patent applications must not only be fluent in Russian and English, but also be familiar with specific terminology in the field of physics, chemistry, mechanics, etc.

In addition, such a translator must be familiar with the specific terminology of the patent law of the country for filing applications.

The specialists of our law firm have repeatedly had to deal with requests from experts of the patent offices due to inaccurate translation when the applicant filed a patent application with a translation from a non-professional translator into Russian. Such savings in money result in high costs for preparing responses to examination requests and loss of time – the response to each request leads to a delay in the patent registration procedure for at least 3-6 months.

In addition to Russia itself, patent materials in Russian are accepted in a number of countries. In particular, these are:

Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO),






Often, the cost of translating a patent into the national language is the main part of the applicant’s costs of entering the national phase. Thus, by performing one translation into Russian, it is possible to significantly save money by not performing separate translations into national languages in several countries.

Crane IP performs high-quality translations of patent applications into Russian. Translations are carried out exclusively by hand by professionals who are proficient in specific patent terminology.

Our specialists have many years of experience in filing patent applications and hundreds of translations.

The translation of patent materials made by our translator has never received a request from an expert of the patent office in its practice due to incorrect terminology in the patent and other reasons that may be associated with a poorly prepared translation.

Please contact us to get a calculation of the cost and timing of the translation and services of filing patent applications.