On September 17, 2020, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted amendments to the law On Medicines, which regulated the implementation of electronic retail trade in medicines.

In March 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the temporary permission of distance selling of medicines. From now on, online drug trading is introduced on an ongoing basis.

According to the new rules, it is necessary to obtain a relevant license to trade drugs online. It will serve as a confirmation that the drugs ordered via the Internet are officially purchased and are stored and transported in accordance with applicable regulations.

An online pharmacy may use its own delivery service or a third-party one, but only if it has the appropriate equipment for storing and transporting medicines.

Prescription drugs will only be available online with an electronic prescription.

Online trade in drugs containing narcotic and psychotropic substances and precursors is prohibited.

Also banned are potent, poisonous, radioactive and immunobiological drugs, which are prohibited from selling in regular pharmacies.

At the same time, merchants are prohibited from specifying the minimum order quantity for its delivery.