Comparative advertising with competitors’ products now allowed in Ukraine.

New opportunities that will bring big changes to the advertising content, expand the boundaries for the work of creators and add work to lawyers.

Soon in advertising, any company will be able to use images, trademarks and other designations under which the goods are produced, the name of the competitor, links to the goods with which the comparison is made.

Burger King vs McDonald’s, BMW vs Mercedes, Coca-Cola vs Pepsi – which Ukrainian brands will complement these examples of advertising wars that have become classics?

On December 3, we will try to predict what changes the new legislation will bring to the Ukrainian advertising market.

Ivan Nikitchenko and Anastasia Efimenko from Crane IP Law Firm will tell you what restrictions for comparative advertising are provided for in the law and show examples of how in Europe battles in advertising moved to the courtroom.

Marianna Rudyk and Toma Kiziriya, strategists at Carat Ukraine media agency, will consider the best examples of comparative advertising in other countries, from which Ukrainian companies will draw inspiration.

Date: December 3

Time: 18:30-20:30

Location: 2A Verkhny Val str., 2nd floor, Grape Hub