From July 10, 2023, the National Institute of Intellectual Property of Kazakhstan (Kazpatent) will introduce new fee rates for actions related to trademarks.

Currently, the state fee for submitting an application containing up to three classes of ICGS is 60,599.84 tenges (approximately 140 USD). After the increase, the fee will be 91,000 tenges (approximately 205 USD).

The cost of trademark renewal will increase to 145,716.5 tenges (approximately 330 USD), compared to 97,144.32 tenges (approximately 220 USD) today.

Also, the Office divided fees for maintaining the validity of rights for patents issued according to the national procedure and Eurasian patents into different tariff grids.

If the fees for national patents remained unchanged, the cost of maintaining the validity of Eurasian patents on the territory of Kazakhstan increased significantly.

So, if now the fee for maintaining the validity of patents for 1-3 years is 20,320.16 tenges (approximately 46 USD)  for legal entities (for each year), then from July 10, it will be 32,060 tenges (approximately 72 USD). For 21-25 years, the fee after the increase will be 267,930 tenges, which is approximately 600 USD (for each year) compared to 159,875.52 tenges nowadays (approximately 360 USD).