According to the results of 2019, Russia lost the place of Ukraine’s largest trading partner, leaving China and Poland ahead. The share of EU countries exceeded 40%.

In 2019, exports of goods from Ukraine increased by 5.8%, to $50.06 billion, while imports increased by 6.3%, to $60.8 billion.

For the first time in history, China became the main trading partner – Ukrainian exports grew by 63%, reaching $3.59 billion. Poland took the second place with a volume of $3.3 billion, and Russia with 3.24 billion took the third place. Also, among the Top 10 are Turkey, Italy, Germany, Egypt, India, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

Exports to the European Union amounted to $20.75 billion (increasing by 3%), reaching 41.5% of the total foreign trade of Ukraine.

China also became the largest importer – Ukraine acquired Chinese goods for $9.2 billion (increasing by 20.9%). The second place was taken by Russia – $7 billion and a decrease of 11.5%. The top 10 largest also includes Germany, Poland, Belarus, the USA, Turkey, Italy, France, and Switzerland.