In April 2024, a case of customs rules violation by a Ukrainian enterprise was revealed at the Ustylug customs post. During the importation of cosmetics and clothes from well-known brands, false information regarding the sender, recipient, name, and quantity of the goods was provided in the accompanying documents. The State Customs Service of Ukraine reported this.

Volyn’s Customs officers discovered the violation during a full customs inspection of a small bus that imported this consolidated cargo. As a result, almost 130,000 units of products from the Korean beauty industry were sent to the customs warehouse, the import value of which is estimated at over a million hryvnias.

According to the Customs Code of Ukraine, such actions aimed at concealing goods from customs control by providing false information may be subject to a fine of 50 to 100 percent of the value of the goods with the possibility of confiscation.

Currently, a commodity examination is being conducted to determine the real value of the seized goods. Further resolution of the case will depend on the court’s decision.