From July 1, 2022, heated tobacco products are equated to regular cigarettes and all restrictions are applicable to them, as for tobacco products.

From now on, all the norms of current legislation on protecting the public from harm from tobacco are applied to heated cigarettes, on a par with traditional tobacco products, in particular:

– sale to persons under 18 is prohibited. A fine of 6.8 thousand UAH for the business entity and from 6.8 thousand to 13.6 thousand UAH for the seller is provided for the violation;

– any advertising, sponsorship, and sales promotion is prohibited. For violations, a fine for business entities from 30 to 50 thousand UAH is provided for each fact of advertising;

– the application of medical warnings on cigarette packages for heating in accordance with the requirements for tobacco products is introduced.

In addition, from July 11, 2022, the anti-tobacco regulations come into force, which prohibit the smoking of heated cigarettes in legally defined public places, on a par with cigarettes, hookahs, and e-cigarettes.