The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has imposed a fine on Bionorica SE.

In 2019, Bionorica LLC distributed leaflets advertising its drug Canephron N at specialized medical conferences. The text in them guaranteed a positive effect when applied and contained information that was not in the instructions.

So, in one of the leaflets, Canephron N was described as an effective remedy for acute urinary tract infections and urolithiasis, as well as contributing to their prevention. At the same time, there are no such indications in the instructions for use of the drug, which is a violation of the law on advertising.

Other leaflets claimed that Canephron N effectively reduces the severity of symptoms of infection, and its positive effect is guaranteed – such statements are also a violation.

The FAS noted that the requirements of the law on advertising also apply to materials that are not intended for a wide range of consumers – compliance with the law is mandatory regardless of the audience of the advertisement. LLC “Bionorica” ​​was fined 200 thousand rubles ($2,6 thousand).