The National Center of Intellectual Property of Georgia (Sakpatenti) became aware that the protected Georgian geographical indication, cheese “Sulguni” was used illegally on the territory of Germany.

In particular, cheese was sold in several German trade chains. Sakpatenti in coordination with the Embassy of Georgia in Germany took appropriate measures, after which the products labeled “Sulguni” were removed from the supermarket chains “LEDO” and “ROSSIA”.

In January 2023, Sakpatenti wrote to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI). Also, the relevant agencies of Germany examined this case, as a result, in order to prevent the unauthorized use and distribution of the Georgian geographical indication in Germany, they implemented the necessary measures and removed the infringing products from the supermarkets.

The protection of Georgian names of place of origin and geographical indications on the territory of the European Union is carried out on the basis of the association agreement signed between the European Union and Georgia, within the framework of which the parties recognize and protect each other’s geographical indications, and in case of violation of their rights, take appropriate administrative measures.

The geographical indication “Sulguni” was registered in Georgia in 2012.