On January 18, 2023, the Supreme Court of Ukraine satisfied the complaint of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia” and canceled the recognition of the trademark “Corvalol Corvalolum ” of another Ukrainian pharmaceutical company “Farmak” as well-known recognized in 2017 by the Ministry of Economy.

This decision formed an important precedent for Ukrainian judicial practice. Never before was the decision on the recognition of trademarks as well-known canceled in a court.

The dispute between “Darnytsia” and “Farmak” over the use of a brand of a popular drug from Soviet times began back in 2004. For almost 20 years, the pharmaceutical company “Farmak” tried to obtain monopoly rights to use the designation “Corvalol” with the help of various tools.

The latest court decision put an end to the possibility of further disputes in the judicial bodies of Ukraine.

However, representatives of “Farmak” have already announced that they intend to apply to international courts to protect their rights.