In early July 2019, Crane IP Law Firm Managing partner Elena Polosmak and CEO Ivan Nikitchenko visited Ankara and Istanbul to hold business meetings and strengthen partnerships in Turkey.

Turkey has been and remains one of the main trading partners for Ukraine and the CIS countries. Turkey is in the top 5 foreign trade partners of both Ukraine and Russia.

More and more requests from Crane IP customers from Ukraine, and especially from Russia, are entering the Turkish market with their products, or even opening a representative office in this country. Also for Turkish business, Russia and Ukraine are among the main markets.

Convenient logistics, effective demand and historical cultural ties are factors contributing to the growth of mutual trade.

Personal meetings allowed to discuss the status of current client projects, future plans and find new formats for further cooperation between Crane IP and Turkish colleagues.

“It was very nice to meet again with my colleagues and friends, with whom we have many years of work in common cases. And, of course, we made many new acquaintances. Our countries, Turkey and the CIS countries have a lot in common and close historical business ties. And a huge potential for further development of cooperation. We are pleased to meet our Turkish colleagues in Ukraine no less hospitable than they did”, said Crane IP Managing partner Elena Polosmak.