The Government of Belarus, by decree No. 232 of April 15, 2020, introduced bans and restrictions on the sale of non-tobacco nicotine containing products.

The Decree describes the particularities of selling tobacco products, electronic smoking systems, liquids for electronic smoking systems, systems for tobacco consumption, including tobacco-free nicotine-containing products.

In the shop-windows and on other commercial equipment is not allowed open display of these products, with the exception of duty-free shops. It is also forbidden to sell them by self-service methods, and in other ways in which the customer has direct access to such goods.

Information on the offered goods is placed at the point of sale in the form of a list indicating their names and prices.

Demonstration and provision by the seller of the necessary product information may be carried out at the request of the customer, with the exception of minors under the age of 18 years. Open trading equipment in which products are stored allowed only for the purpose of its demonstration and sale.

The main points of the Decree will enter into force three months after its publication.